Sleepy    2002-11-15 20:19:24 ET
Blah. It's my Sunday night. I think it's time for me to retire to the couch and watch a movie. I don't feel that I've got as much accomplished this weekend as I wanted to. But some stuff that was being put off did get done.

I had a friend come over last night to come over, watch a movie, and attempt to start dreding my hair. Just the top of course, all the shaggy blonde crap has got to be shaved off. My head hasn't seen a pair of clippers in months. Pure nightmare...I hope the dreds form well.
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 Ha!    2002-11-14 23:36:25 ET
Iiiiii'm the first on my block with a raked yard! (well, at least the front). Everyone else's yard looks like shit hahahahahahahahahahahaha...

It feels good to have a yard after being confined to an apartment. It'll be a lot of work but I'll enjoy it. Syko, you were right about the minions and stomping. You can even go so far as to pretend the rakes are cybernetic leaf-picking-up extensions on your arms. :D

In other thoughts, thanks to everyone who listened to the show earlier. I was kinda bummed about listenership not being high, but I'll survive.


 Later That Day...    2002-11-14 14:17:33 ET
Playlist for show #19

Skinny Puppy - Dogshit
Index - Blush Response
Hocico - Odio en el Alma
Clock DVA - The Hacker
B-TON-K - Brain Police
Implant - Rage
Pzycho Bitch - Face In Your Hand
Haujobb - Penetration (floor mix)
Aghast View - Timeless (tim schultd mix)
Ammo - Ghost Phalanx (panacea mix)
Download - Manmade
5f_55 - 4272 6561 6b20 4275 67
Black Lung - The Invisible College
Coil - Penetralia
The Klinik - Memories
Das Ich - Unschuld Erde
Front Line Assembly - Retribution
Snog - Business As Usual
Hrvatski - Sucka
S.P.O.C.K. - Not Human
Gorillaz - Man Research
Kompressor - In Effect
X-10 - Disgusting

I'm going to go rake now.

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     2002-11-14 11:40:52 ET
What a feeling waking up before noon on my weekend! I didn't go out last night at all. I visited the ex-roommates and watched the special edition Lord of the Rings again with them. Even though it was early I came home instead of going out to Embers for dance and drink. bed and sound asleep by 10pm.

I want to be out side right now raking the yard. Hopefully I'll still have a hour or two to work on it after my show today.

 The Wait Is Over    2002-11-13 16:47:15 ET
Send in requests for tomorrow's show. If all goes well my sykoradio show returns at 2pm PST.

Time to go persue some $2 pints and food.

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