2002-11-07 18:28:51 ET
I wanted an "all of the above" choice for the band agenda question.

Which Industrial Act Are You?

A Quiz by Mabus Alus

     2002-11-07 14:52:52 ET
Taking a break right now. I got several of the nic-nac boxes unpacked (the easy part). There is so much more to do to make this place homier. I'll have to give everyone a virtual house tour after I get things more put away.


 Just Couldn't Resist    2002-11-07 03:18:26 ET
giggles insanely...

Which Wax Trax! Artist Are You?

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no show for me today. we still don't have the Live365 software re-installed and i'm just too lazy to do it before sleepytime. must unpack instead when i wake up in a few hours.

I spent some quality time with Antoire tonight, had a lot of fun watching the weirdness revolve around Berbatis Pan outside the Death In June show. We had pints less than a block away at another bar.

I almost forgot to add: this IS the last week of my hiatus from Sykoradio. If everything goes smoothly I will be on the air next Thursday. I'm just so tired from the move and then working the rest of the week.

*needs to unwind badly
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 Bah!    2002-11-05 19:29:47 ET
I'm back. I'm moved. But I'm not fully unpacked. That's going to take a while.

     2002-11-01 00:23:29 ET
Almost fully packed and ready to go. I'm watching the rev dismantle our computer set up as I write this now. We had to trash his 17" monitor tonight because it finally died last night making this cool zapping sound. Where's a recorder for sampling when you need it?

We have no internet service until Sunday. Code phrase: dark side of the moon.

So much crap, why do I insist on having so much? I wish I were a minimalist.

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