It Looks Like a Bomb went Off In the Livingroom    2002-10-30 17:17:30 ET
Moving weekend is here. We got our house but now the nightmare of packing and moving. I shouldn't be sitting here now in front of the computer.

It's been a shitty, shitty week. I had to tell a friend that she couldn't move in because it would more than likely compromise our friendship. I had to tear apart the Halloween window at work and replace it with X-mas hell (in case you are wondering what that is it involves hundreds of glittery fish with big lips and silver tinsel trees). And...the friend mentioned earlier got canned from my work today. Lucky her, she got to see her replacement get interviewed.(shitty,shitty,shitty...etc.)

I feel like poo and I don't want to pack.


 HOOORAY!    2002-10-25 16:29:05 ET
I just got the message that we have been approved for the big house in NE Portland. I won't be homeless after all! Believe me, I was getting worried.

If all goes well my show will be back on the air on Nov. 7th(provided we have our internet connection at the new place then).

I've been on a huge Coil kick lately. I spent time on just reading up on the band. Must have more...

 gdkfaglidgab    2002-10-23 18:10:01 ET
The rev messed up his computer last night by trying to install and run Mechwarrior 4. He doesn't have it fixed yet. I don't think I'll be doing my show tomorrow because that is the machine with the broadcasting software and sound capability. Fill ins? I did say sporadic last week. Bleh...

Gotta continue the housing search anyway...


The rev is home now trying to get his machine to work. Things are still looking bleak. Hmmm. maybe I'll just cancel all shows until after the first. Then I'll be back with a vengeance. :fist:

     2002-10-19 18:20:01 ET
I've just been trying to get my shit together in preparation of having to be out of this apartment by the third. We have the possibility of a big 1910 house in NE over by the Lloyd Center, beautiful place with a lot of it's original character intact (can you say gold wallpaper with red flocking? those crazy Victorians).

So much packing must be started this week...:-(
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     2002-10-17 01:20:13 ET
It's after 3am. Why am I still awake? Better yet, how am I still wake?

I have to cancel the show for today. House hunting takes total precident over the show. Sorry kiddies, if I'm homeless that means the show won't go on. The shows might get a little sporadic for the next three weeks till i get this housing situation figured out. But hopefully in November I'll be back on schedule again. So anyway if any sykodjs want to fill in today...go for it.

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