Live 365    2002-08-22 12:00:59 ET
I'm on now. Click the radio link.

 Why Am I Still Up?    2002-08-21 23:10:34 ET
Because I must make mp3s of course! This week's show will happen.

 No, I'm Not a Nice Person    2002-08-19 17:16:47 ET
So I have determined today who will die first if I ever go criminally insane. There is this woman I see on 23rd and around the neighborhood spare changing regularly. Normally I wouldn't have a problem with this. But, she has children with her, a baby strapped to her chest, a toddler in a stroller, and a 4 or 5 year old following along. FUCK! It makes me sick to see her obese ass and her spawn. What's even worse is that I sometimes see her husband(?) tagging along behind her or sometime sitting with her and the kids at a bus stop counting the $$$$ fools have given her. His fat and lazy ass is second.

What is this lifestyle teaching their children? With WIC, food stamps, and other social services, what could they possibly be spare changing for? Drugs? Hes a big strong looking guy, why is he not at least doing some sort of labor work? Why hasn't the child protection agency taken these kids from them yet?

And yes, I have more pity for the street kids and homebums.

Excuse me while I go vomit.

 Shopping!    2002-08-16 17:48:59 ET
-The last Preacher graphic novel
-Fight Club (the book)
-two new bras (very uplifting! :D)
-Dance or Die-Schlafendeenergie
-Coil-Love's Secret Domain (original Wax Trax printing)

     2002-08-15 01:24:40 ET
Why am I still up right now? *yawn*

No Sykoradio show from me today. The Rev and I must go to Beavertron today and hang with his family for the afternoon. Short story: mormon wedding. We just have to attend the luncheon.

Oh yeah, it was great to see Antoire out and about tonight. She's so sweet. :)

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