And Now for a Moment of Silence (and Darkness)    2002-08-26 21:06:43 ET
All right! I had no power for two hours tonight, between 7pm and 9pm. Luckly the computer didn't fully blow up from the power coming back on repeatedly before it went out fully. Nothing to do but sit in the dark and read by candle light.

     2002-08-26 17:38:26 ET
Ack! My little sis got a deadjournal. Nooooooooo! She should be here in our loving community. I'm kind of worried about her, she has confessed a love of Marylin Manson. Did my disc of uber-elite music that I sent her have no effect? Did Gloria (my stepmother) really let her buy Antichrist Superstar? I remember when I was a teen living with my dad and her, I came home with a cassett of Love It To Death by Alice Cooper. She made me return it. Later she conficated all my Led Zeppelin and a Guns and Roses tape. (give me a break, I was 15 at the time) On that note I'll give my little sis a break too, and pray that MM is just a phase.

Anyway, for everyone's enjoyment:

-originally posted by Telal. I thought it needed to be reposted for all those that may not read his journal.

np:Haujobb-Homes and Gardens

 Clear Vision    2002-08-25 16:54:14 ET
I got Deception on Thursday. It's a great disc, but so much pop! I had to yell at the kid that put it on hold for me at Ozone UK because he had also put one on hold for a friend of mine. But instead of keeping it on hold and giving a call he sold it to Dj Burn. I understand that Burn wanted it for his sweetie's b-day that weekend, but still...

So hopfully Ophelia is enjoying this album as much as I am and has finally figured out some of the lyrics.
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 Home for the Day    2002-08-23 15:35:04 ET
I'm currently going through both racks of cds in search of a lost Page 12 disk. What a pain in the ass. On the plus side, I got all the huge stacks of cds put away that have been just hanging around the computer.

Heh, the rev is cleaning out the fridge. I think it's turning me on...
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 Show #11 Playlist    2002-08-22 13:56:39 ET
Coil - Things Happen
Implant - Exodus
Feindflug - Selbstsucht
Juno Reator - Insects
Dance Or Die - Aliens Electric
Pzycho Bitch - track two (doh!)
Pain Station - I Think I Want This
Snog - Bastard Closet
I, Parasite - No Question
Das Ich - Keimzeit
Coil - Windowpane
Mortal Constraints - Basic Fear
In Strict Confidence - Dementia
The Klinik - Pyramid
Soma - The Lost Mathematician
Velvet Acid Christ - We Have To See We Have To Know
Genesis P-Orridge w/Splinter Test - Thee Decaying Matter Ov Family L-OV-E (edit)
B-TON-K - Auto-Aggression
Die Form - Bite Of Dog
18 Summers - Here and Everywhere
Kalte Farben - Reality Dust

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