Small Work Related Rant    2002-09-01 17:45:17 ET
Today was my Tuesday. It wasn't too bad. Not too many of the customers made me want to kill them. The only exception being the fucking yuppie couple that couldn't read.

I have three signs up telling people if they would like to see the nice oversized art books on top of the selves, to please ask for assistance. I'm really uptight about the dust jackets on these books getting messed up, and people reaching totally over their head to put the book back will fuck it up. They took a book down themselves and looked perturbed when I asked them to give the book to me when they we're done with it. After this I put up a forth sign saying "no really, we insist. please ask for assistance with the oversized books".

What are worse are the people who will look at a $40+ hardcover book and let the cover droop down. I wince and yell at them about this. It will break the binding.

But anyway, enough of me going off about something nobody ever thinks about. I tend to do that a lot.

I wish Ron and John would send me and Mateo out on a buying trip. It's lots of work but I'd love it. I'd get paid for not being at the store for once.

 Blarg    2002-08-31 08:32:50 ET
Well not yet. I have to work nine hours today...mildly hungover. we went out last night with Dj Burn, DevoiD,Dj Damn It and facelesskiss welcoming some new people to Portland. Lots of pool was played and beer was consumed. Luckly not too much so I don't feel too bad.

Off to w3rk now.

 21st Century Show Playlist    2002-08-29 14:30:19 ET
Die Form - Resonant Magnetic Source 2000
Das Ich - Keimzeit 2002
Aghast Veiw - Shallowpoint 2000
Hocico - Instincts of Perversion 2002
cEvin Key - Tatayama 2001
Black Lung - The Dawn of Love 2001
Ammo - Ghost Phalanx (panacea mix) 2000
The Klinik - Organism 2002
B-TON-K - The Guide 2001
Dance or Die - Worm 2001
Haujobb - Sinus Problem 2001
Velvet Acid Christ - Lysergia 2000
Wumpscut - Troops Under Fire 2001
F/A/V - Abschalten 2000
Feindflug - 2000 Volt 2000
Pzycho Bitch - Out of My Mind (?) 2001
Foetus - Cirrhosis of the Heart 2001
Clear Vision - Motion (hell's mix) 2002
18 Summers - Turn Off the Radio 2002
HMB - Wanted 2001
Silke Bischoff - Wie Eine Feder 2001
5F_55 - Makrobionik 2001

As promised, there was not a single track that was over three years old. Next week I go back to playing old and new.
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 Not Happy    2002-08-28 18:25:24 ET
All day today I have been weighing the idea of deleting this journal. Some of you may or may not have noticed the Reverend Dj RaZorslave is missing from He was deleted without notice due to a disagreement between him and our administrators. Syko, Moxie, I love you guys but this is not cool. By getting mad about some petty drama that would probably blow over in a day or so, you've created more.

This whole situation does not make me comfortable to be here and this was going to be my official statement of resignation from The only thing making me question whether or not to leave is the fact that I have made friends through this thing and my little sis has just rejoined the community.

She-who-will-not-be-named can live in her happy little world knowing that the big bully that made two neither here nor there comments on her page is gone. I made one comment about taking chances with what you post and how someone may say something about it that you may not want to hear. Nothing bad, I just simply stated the truth. She deleted my comment without even the slightest argument. I'm guilty by association I guess. I hope she's happy.

I don't feel comfortable speaking my mind.

     2002-08-27 18:01:03 ET
I came up with a great idea for my show this week. Someone on the PIG list challenged the djs at one of the clubs here in town to play nothing but music that has been made after 2000, no oldies. I'm sure they just ignored his comment and proceeded to play the same old shit. Well, I'm rising to the challenge. This Thurday's show will be two hours worth of post y2k music.

Don't miss the electro/industrial/synthpop madness!

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