2002-09-04 17:42:39 ET
I don't believe in the dismissal of a person just because one does not agree with what they have to say. After all, one or the other might be wrong and just refusing to admit it.

I wish everything that's wrong would pass. I've been having difficulties controlling my depression, something I normally do quite well without meds. Just I can feel everything building up. Problems with money, work related stress, problems with #@$%-ing people online (which shouldn’t matter that much. for crying out loud, it's just on-line socialization), and other worries I have. I sat here last night crying and I don't know why.

I'm not going to hang around here that much for a while. I still plan on having my radio show on Thursdays and popping in now and then, but hanging out - no. Not until some shit has blown over at least. And not until I feel I've got it together again.

*hangs up moderator hat.

     2002-09-03 18:40:04 ET
I'm playing with photoshop right now. Just for you Vasa, one new picture.

 I Want To Work    2002-09-03 15:39:17 ET
I want to work. I like to work.
I work every day.
Work is good for me.
Do you work?
I'm happy at work.

 Moose For Kids?!?!    2002-09-02 18:27:56 ET
This looks suspiciously like the Kows for Kids thing here in the states, but Canadian style...


 A Bowl, A Beer, and NEWT    2002-09-02 17:56:50 ET
And I'm practically dancing in my chair now. I'm so happy to be off of work. Yes, I had to work Labor Day, and yes, we were busy.
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