2004-05-25 00:08:17 ET

As much as I was becoming fond of the old background, it's time for a change. Deal with the pink until I think of something better. It's very obnoxious.

2004-05-25 00:32:33 ET

pink ownz all!
especially hot pink.

2004-05-25 03:56:32 ET

GRAH PIIIIINNKKK. heh its not that bad, its like a soft powdery pink :) not like that obnoxious day glow pink

2004-05-25 08:05:49 ET


2004-05-25 08:37:10 ET

i needed something to match that Trevor Brown pic.

2004-05-25 08:49:22 ET

i like that pic alot, really well done!

2004-05-25 08:53:17 ET

it was some magazine cover. i had to photoshop some printing out.

2004-05-25 08:54:43 ET

awesomeness. you could keep the pink thing goin and just add some pattern in there

2004-05-25 09:03:28 ET

probably will. not right now, though. i'm supposed to be getting ready for work instead of chatting.

2004-05-25 09:09:43 ET

btw: turbo, i like your pink picture. :)

2004-05-25 15:07:26 ET

thank you
its all about the pink bomb of doom. ;-D

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