2002-10-20 21:00:20 ET

so i finally get ahold of him.

and he pretends the connection is bad and hangs up.

whut a dizzork.

i am thinking i may have to do the only thing i didn't ever want to do.

but maybe it will help him see the error of his ways.

how can i get all my money back first?

i kno its bad to lend money to ANYONE.

|shakes fist| this boi will give me an aneurysm. i swear.


2002-10-19 15:12:22 ET


i am such a troubled over dramtic grrl.

but whut else can you do when your best friend gives you the silent treatment and ignores you for no reason.

some may blame immaturity for the cause.

but its merely drugs.


its hard to try and help someone you love when you are miles and miles away from him.

i miss my little lamb.

i think i shud go kidnap him from the evil little night creatures who keep him awake and sleep deprived.

meybee he can come to his sense and see whut he is doing to himself.

|tear| such a hypocrite.

2002-10-18 12:59:43 ET

movie rental night!

any recomendations o0n late viceo releases?

old ones too.

2002-10-17 19:52:13 ET

la la.

tomorrow // deposit yen. but cheap flashy costume jewellery.

justin still hasn't talked to me. why do the queens have to be so overdramticaly cracked out.

and disregard for no apparent reason.

hah! the will & grace stereotype is beyond lame.

i need to find REALIABLE sources for further connections.

i feel as tho i am on the brink of yet another beating.


2002-10-17 00:27:31 ET

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