2002-10-14 13:54:15 ET

euro trash girl~chicks on speed

glitz rock~felix da housecat

2002-10-14 13:38:13 ET

mom just called.

they had us all worried .

my bro wanted me to call the cops and get ppl to look for them.

why do they have to be so inconsiderate.

but i guess that is what happens.

are parents worry about us when we are growing up and take off for the weekend and don't call.

and we don't understand why they are soo upset.

but then as we grow older we start to worry about them all the time.

i am sick of it all. i need to get out of dodge.

i can't have anymore bullshit and sleepless nights . i am sick of being alone.

blah blah blah.

happy thankgiving to me.

altho i never have anything to be thankful for.

to0 many others i can see how it looks like i am a whiney pouching little spoiled brat.

however people need to learn to see between the cracks.

funny how some rich kids get raised by "the help"

altho some others get raised by other form of help.

"fuck you thats why."

2002-10-12 13:18:45 ET


speed garage.

speed in the garage.

think i will play on my decks later tonight. and give myself some pampering.

drink some saki to beat.

speeeeeeeed garage.


2002-10-12 00:55:56 ET

hmmmm.....hidden agendas.

are the bumps in the night.

just had a 2 hr long shower. seemed like 20 mins. wonder what my grandparents thought of me showering for 2 hrs at 1 in tha morn'

i am beet red and pruny.

i feel super dizzy as well. compulsiveness can suck sometimes.

ah well 1st all nighter in a long time.

i hope i can make it until tomoorow night.

many many any things to do tommorow.

ah yes. must clean. myself //house//car//garage//dog//carpets.


tek tek tek.

2002-10-11 08:01:41 ET

rents are leaving again.

gives me perfect time to flee.

altho i shall consider waiting for an urgent ticket will take all of funds.

and grandparents are in town.

which whould stop me fromdoing anything ddrastic.

so once again happiness and complete fullfillment will be delayed.

alone i wallow in dread.

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