2002-10-08 12:24:01 ET

la lee la.

i made double choc squares.

cept its too many for me...and my fam doesn't eat much of that stuff. neither do i in that case.

and no frineds around to eat them.

this happens every time i cook.

cuz i only crave one piece or so.

i wonder if you can SEND cookies and stuff in the mail.

like on tv when moms send that kinda stuff to there kids at camp.

does it really work?

comments of experiences?

2002-10-07 13:21:45 ET

going to victoria.

couch surfing either looking for a job and loft or coming back and swimmming in dread.

2002-10-06 21:16:27 ET

tripped out.....there is a new homepage layout right??

or am i on crack?

2002-10-06 10:22:55 ET

|jumps out of seat|

oh my gosh.

drew makes me swOOn sooo much.

and i talked to ricky last night.

and justin called me.

oh how i love my boys. i could not og on without there comfort.

anyone else who had boifriends and no grrlfirends completely understands.


p.s i am goin to suprize visit drew . oh i could not love anyone but him.


2002-10-05 20:33:38 ET

bwahahaha....i jusst watched bridget jones diary.

i love it. if you grrls haven't seen it i fully suggest doing so.

p.s i didn't go out. i am soo bad. +0

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