2002-10-02 04:31:23 ET

holy poopoe pants mahjong.

i hate waking up and not falling back alseep.

always happens.

guess i am just worried about my trip. if there is even goin to be one anymore.


i have to get my shit organized. then if i even have 100$ i can turn it into 1000$$ overnight if i get shit right.

blah bloop bleep.

2002-09-30 12:58:28 ET


got my order today.

pants are too big.

but i love my fluffy hot pink scarf and my studs and misfits car air freshener.

oOo and my rainbow lunch box thingy camme all wrecked. so they are sending me a new one.

and i get to keep the wrecked one.

2002-09-29 10:11:03 ET

oh my sweet and loving justin.

how i miss him so. got a letter from him and he is going to hair skool. i hope it works out.

he is in need of a motivation tool. he will have to sacrifice the art of puddle jumping.


i finally got to talk to him on the phone and i have to call him back tonight.

i hope i can get some points across that i have been meaning to without it sounding the opp of what it shud.

ahhhhhhhh drama queens of the world.

2002-09-27 17:41:44 ET

ok this is nonsense i say.

i need to hurry up and get my drice re-formatted and try to set up my webcam.

cuz i cannot afford a digig cam at the moment and i have no scanner.

i need newer pics online.

blah. ahh the joys of late night weekend puddle jumping.

i need tekker friendz. |wink|

2002-09-26 08:33:07 ET


another puddle jumping day.

as soon as i take my mom to get her eyes dialated. and i have to drive red (my mustang) down to the shop to get fixed. thing is she is deathly ill and i have to try and jump her and then have her followed as i drive her down.

whut if i break down on a steep hill or she blows up.


oh welll i guess we shall have to see whut unravels.

yay to 80z retrograde pop.

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