2002-10-05 14:14:13 ET


goin to "club medena" tonight.

the new on with the red pimp lights inside.

haha this town cracks me up.

but i finally got ahold of my mike and he is picking me up in the limo at 8pm.

tis funny how a small outing is soo overexagerated to me.

but i never i mean NEVER go out of my room.

so i think i will have a fun night of martinis and cheesy muzik.


2002-10-04 15:25:53 ET

What kind of punk kid are you?

brought to you by Quizilla

2002-10-04 11:46:49 ET

oh my gosh.

snow snow snow everywhere.

it isn't suppose to come yet.


so now before my car is even fixed i gottah look into getting my winter tires.


2002-10-04 00:20:30 ET


always and forever.

do you take yourself into eternity.

not willingly she said.

and so it was.

a infinite lashing of punshiment.
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2002-10-03 12:12:58 ET

hmm....i wonder if you can rent projectors.

i need to paint this design on my wall.

but i need to project the image.


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