2002-06-16 21:18:24 ET

Take The Ewan McGregor Test!

oh my goodness......*blushies*2002-06-15 00:32:20 ET

Take the Online BULLSHIT fucktard tests:
How good are you in bed
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Classy, sophisticated and can be slightly snobbish at times. You are the fifth finger and you have a passion for the finer things in life. You view the world and yourself in a higher light and appreciate the life of luxury (hey, who doesn't?)

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2002-06-13 08:12:09 ET


oh my oh my oh my. what a boring dull life i lead, even my page is dull. i soo wish for my poor lucy (computer) to be rid of her sickness already. i do not want to exterminate her. i need to figure it all out soon and get some pics up and things. i think may be a reason not many ppl stop by. if i had a pic i think it may be a bit bettah.

well i can try to explain my self. i have dark skin. a regular 'emo cut' as my non clued friend said the other day , juss a shoulder lenth with bangs. uhhh dark brown eyes, black framed glasses (presciption) yes. and my style is everything from the top of the building to the bottom.

if you HAD to label me i guess i would be punk, emo, indie rock, raver, hip hip biotch, skater grrl, trendy, uhhhhh yeh. thats it.

my grandparents are in town which means grandma will bleach everything and grandpa will be yelled at by her. *sighs*

why does it drain you so when your grandparents come to stay with you, i shouldnt, and mom n dad left today to go to the commisioners ball in dawson city, so it is just me and mah bro stuck with the overnagging grandma. ah well its still good to see them. welll as we speak of the devil i must go upstairs and run to my grannys beckon call.

peas. oh and carrots. +)

2002-06-12 13:00:54 ET

take the emo quiz
.created by jessi

I'm emo! I know as much as every other emo kid, b--pardon me, I feel a tear coming on...

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Take the The "What Teen Label Do You Fit Into Most?" Quiz!
by antiperfect


2002-06-11 22:58:31 ET

What Kind of Goth Are You?

This dark quiz was made by Xenianth!


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