William Wilson?    2004-05-23 10:29:49 ET
i just saw the craziest short film ever. it was a short on a edgar allen poe short story and it blew my mind. i am now reading the short story. has anyone seen/read it? if not they should find it and see the movie.

 almost done with school!!    2004-05-21 08:17:35 ET
i am almost done with school. i am finally going to be free from High School. Now i will have time to work on music and have fun. I am feeling a lot better and hope to stay like this for awhile. i finished my portfolio and i need 3 credits to past in Social Studies. yeah bitch i hope i will graduate in the next week. woohoo.

 WHAT?    2004-05-15 10:12:40 ET
last night my ex-girlfriend called me and told me to come over and she said she was sorry and that she wanted to go out again and now we are back together. i know some people said that it was not a good idea for me to do this, but i am happy and can handle what may come up in the future, but for now i am happy and that is what matters most.

 GIRLY GONE!!!!    2004-05-13 19:44:07 ET
Today my girlfriend broke up with me. i feel like i'm dying inside, but maybe it is for the best. i just wish i could tell myself that it will be ok. i am real confused and depressed. some one out there in this universe, "Help me!"

" Hello my name is distance and I really dont care if i never wake up again!" -From Autumn to Ashes

 Stuck at school    2004-05-12 11:30:35 ET
i'm stuck at school doing work. then i have to go to work. blah this sucks. i hope i can do stuff later.

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