Red Youth: New Clothes!    2004-06-22 22:17:51 ET

we are trying new clothes to see what will look good for the shoot next week. we are some hott bitches! we will have new pics. at some point next week.

 get your hair done and have a photo shoot! Red Youth    2004-06-21 15:34:34 ET
we are going to finally get shit done. when i come back from florida on monday i am getting my hair done then we have a photo shoot at matia's dads studio to get pictures taken of us. yeah we rock!

     2004-06-18 14:39:45 ET
... LOOK HERE!!!!

 recording and doing nothing    2004-06-15 12:11:07 ET
all im doing is hanging out with matia and the band. checking out girls is good when your alone and need someone. i hope i find someone to care for me, again. i need it. come find me girls!

 god fucking damb it!!!!    2004-06-03 09:05:55 ET
my girlfriend cheated on me while she was gone in haward. i knew it. i felt it psychicly all the way down here. i feed on her energy and fucking knew it. i realy hurt right now. i trusted her and loved her even though she didnt back. i know that i need to be with friends right now. cuz this happen, well she told me like 30 min. ago. and i just want to die. i never want to see girls or any one for that matter again, cuz this always happens to me in one way or another. :(
i want to die. every inch of my body does and i cant help but take this pain and tell all of you.

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