later.    2007-03-13 04:22:01 ET
ok. I am flying away now. the dishes are done and all that is left to do is unplug the computer. I hope everyone has a fabulous day.
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 all alone    2007-03-12 13:52:56 ET
Husband Left last friday on a business trip. For the year and four months we've been married. This is the first time we've been apart. For the last two months we were practically together 24 hours a day. My house feels really empty and I don't sleep all that well alone.

distraction comes quickly as I am preparing to run off to phoenix for the USITT conference. I will be there for six days and then endure only one more night before he comes home.

11 days is a long time to me. I cannot imagine how military wives do it.

 What to do    2007-03-02 07:28:35 ET

The mistake he is blaming me for is a product of miscommunication but he refuses to see any part of it as his fault. I cost him money and now I should be grateful he still keeps me on. He wants loyalty. He told us that in more than one conversation. How can I be loyal when I think I am going to be blamed. I have fear of moving forward in any conversation or project because I never get it right and that is my fault. or is it? How do you defend yourself against someone who can only see the world according to his own emotional instability?

If David and I leave the job, there is alot of hurt feelings that will result. Staying means bearing the brunt of ever changing ideas and blame when something isn't working.

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