Kid sitting    2007-01-18 18:41:21 ET

My heater is playing games with me. It stopped producing warm air a few weeks ago. The heating company that fixed it in November wouldn't come out to look at it without charging us, so we sat with a broken heater until my husband (spurned on by his moody wife's tears at 330 in the morning over the fact that she is just tired of being cold) Turned it on today and warm air flooded my house.

I try to be very uncomplainey about things that there is no help for. We have fire places and space heaters but not the thousands of dollars it would take to replace my heating system. and a fire place, although beautiful, does not heat my house as quickly as the heater.

Last night I had a breakdown when we got home. And now my heater is working. But for how long?

So I am working nights. kinda. I work from about 3pmish to 1 am or so. I am doing bookkeeping, project prep, and child sitting for my boss while he and my husband are cleaning a playset he made years ago. It's this 4 story activity learning jungle gym thing that will take 2 weeks to clean. I don't mind the bookkeeping. It's not what I was hired for at first but I seem to be doing well.

anyway. I am sick, I think. I just don't feel right and I am extremely tired.
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 moving on    2007-01-13 03:59:19 ET
This week flew by. Mostly because I didn't have a day off between my two jobs. Yes I said two. The imagineer guy I mentioned previously has asked me to join his company full time. I gave in my two week notice at the valet company yesterday. I just may get to use my Degree yet!

 Offers    2007-01-09 07:19:02 ET
SO yesterday I got offered a job that I wasn't really sure if I was to be flattered or not.

A guy who works in the front office commented that he makes movies. Needs an actress who can tour in character and sign autographs. I would be a Superhero by the name of Thong girl. Shoots lazer beams from her ass.

I was asked because I am 5'8" and Blonde.

sorry I don't act.

Also, the imagineer my husband works for, wants to know if I can design a jellyfish lamp... hmmm. that sounds more like something I can do.

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