2004-07-16 21:19:09 ET

Oh no!! A new picture! AND I'M SMILING! EEEEEEVIL
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2004-07-16 01:36:00 ET

I find myself getting compared to Hitler all the time. That's kind of creepy you know.

2004-07-15 10:58:45 ET



la dee da
2004-07-10 12:52:07 ET

So still a little over a month before I'll start at East Georgia. Yay. Yar pirate Lady hasn't contacted me again, so I'm assuming it was indeed my ex and she read that last post about her hating me. Oh well! I'm really enjoying this vacation. I haven't been able to relax like this for this long in YEARS. *cry* happiness. I love you all <3
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2004-07-04 20:16:45 ET

YAR Pirate Lady: YAR
Mazarael: Yar
Mazarael: Hem
Mazarael: Who is this?
Mazarael: Cute screenname
Mazarael: makes me giggle.
YAR Pirate Lady: i have sailed the seven seas and found me treasure but i need your help
Mazarael: ROFL
Mazarael: Hell yes!
Mazarael: Sure
YAR Pirate Lady: a scoundrel of some sort has stole some of me gold and has captured our first mate HENRY
YAR Pirate Lady: we need your help to find them both!
Mazarael: ok
Mazarael: What can I do to help?
YAR Pirate Lady: but watch out. there be other pirates out there and they give yeh scurvy if you happen to lay them in your bunker
YAR Pirate Lady: -_O
YAR Pirate Lady: you can search me lad. SEARCH hi and SEARCH low
YAR Pirate Lady: if you sail to the island HOWCUMP then be careful of the savages there
Mazarael: Um
Mazarael: I don't have a ship
YAR Pirate Lady: thats ok! neither do meself
Mazarael: HAHAH
YAR Pirate Lady: which is why we swim!
Mazarael: Ok
YAR Pirate Lady: OR
Mazarael: This is the greatest conversation I've ever had
Mazarael: I love you
YAR Pirate Lady: we sail on the back of a WHALE
Mazarael: OR?
Mazarael: OOER
Mazarael: YES
Mazarael: WHALE!
Mazarael: Man you're smart. Teach me how to be cool like you?
YAR Pirate Lady: first and foremost. PIRATE LADY (that is me) is the only "cool" one. BUT. you can be meh new first mate
YAR Pirate Lady: PIRATE MAN has gone insane from whiskey
YAR Pirate Lady: YAR. tis a shame tis a shame
Mazarael: Ack
Mazarael: That's horrible
Mazarael: I'll be a much better first mate
YAR Pirate Lady: yes. he wont even swipe the poop deck. he would rather use it as his bathroom. tis much more a shame.
YAR Pirate Lady: he uses the sails as a wiper, he eats all of our new parrots. and he never wears his eyepatch. keeps sayin he cant see good without it, although he only has one eye
Mazarael: Wow
Mazarael: Maybe it's time to get him to walk ze plank?
YAR Pirate Lady: -_O sigh. I be the only PIRATE LADY sailin these seas without a right in the head captain
YAR Pirate Lady: YES
YAR Pirate Lady: as soon as we get a plank
Mazarael: Hmmm
Mazarael: We'll have to buy a ship
Mazarael: And get a plank
Mazarael: Hrmmm
YAR Pirate Lady: no money. scoundrels stole me gold
Mazarael: Damn them!
YAR Pirate Lady: yar..yar..yar... no bottle of rum :-(
Mazarael: :-(
Mazarael: I'm sorry
Mazarael: How else can we find this treasure?
Mazarael: Hmm
YAR Pirate Lady: arr...
YAR Pirate Lady: we can always go deep
YAR Pirate Lady: DEEP
YAR Pirate Lady: into
YAR Pirate Lady: the lake of greed
Mazarael: Where? where is it?
YAR Pirate Lady: right below me
Mazarael: And where have you put PIRATE MAN? He needs to be locked away for a shor time
Mazarael: So let us dive
YAR Pirate Lady: no!
Mazarael: Let us go looking for the treasure!
YAR Pirate Lady: are you insane boy?!?!
Mazarael: ......maybe
YAR Pirate Lady: the swimming fish mutants are down there
Mazarael: OH
Mazarael: How can we destroy them?
YAR Pirate Lady: which is why the lake of greed is hard to conquer
Mazarael: Hmm
YAR Pirate Lady: havent found out yet -_O
Mazarael: we could.. build a nuclear plant on the shore, and poison the lake!
YAR Pirate Lady: tis already poisened me lad
Mazarael: Then the fish mutants would die..
YAR Pirate Lady: which is why the fish are mutants
YAR Pirate Lady: they are the undead
Mazarael: Hmm
Mazarael: Then perhaps we should build a church
Mazarael: Maybe a lot of holy water would cleanse the lake, and allow us passage to the briny depths to get the treasure?
YAR Pirate Lady: no church. they are holy. holy and pirates dont go good together
Mazarael: We could make it .... a dark church
Mazarael: And umm.
YAR Pirate Lady: you can be the preacher!
Mazarael: AHA
Mazarael: Yes'
Mazarael: Yes I will be the preacher
YAR Pirate Lady: YAR! what a good idea!
YAR Pirate Lady: i'm happy yeh be me first mate
Mazarael: I am too, PIRATE LADY
YAR Pirate Lady: tar a fine smart lad -_O
Mazarael: Thank ye Pirate Lady
YAR Pirate Lady: but you're in for some change boy! CHANGEING into becoming a PIRATE
YAR Pirate Lady: -_O
Mazarael: How? how do I do this?
YAR Pirate Lady: with many adventures and training!
Mazarael: Shall we adventure then?!
YAR Pirate Lady: indeed my boy, indeed
YAR Pirate Lady: we be off!
Mazarael: Indeed!!
Mazarael: Where shall we go?
YAR Pirate Lady: to... (points) there.
Mazarael: Ahhh I see...
Mazarael: *grabs knife and sword*
YAR Pirate Lady: NO!
YAR Pirate Lady: (slaps)
Mazarael: Ow
YAR Pirate Lady: tis a bad thing for a pirate in training to have. a sword and kinfe
Mazarael: Hmm
Mazarael: what should I have?
Mazarael: a thermonuclear device?
YAR Pirate Lady: rule 1. while in training you have to fight like a pirate. no weapons
YAR Pirate Lady: only hands
YAR Pirate Lady: and teeth
YAR Pirate Lady: which once you lose, you go to weapons
Mazarael: Aha!
YAR Pirate Lady: but thats only after you defeat a fishman
Mazarael: Ummm
Mazarael: How?
YAR Pirate Lady: by finding one
YAR Pirate Lady: of course
YAR Pirate Lady: only you will find such a creature
YAR Pirate Lady: if
YAR Pirate Lady: you venture into the swamp of mucky substances
YAR Pirate Lady: -_O
Mazarael: Mmm
Mazarael: I hate to break role here.... But who is this?
Mazarael: Seriously
Mazarael: Tell meeeee. Because you've got a great sense of humor.
YAR Pirate Lady: rule 2. only will the PIRATE LADY tell her name once her first mates have become well known pirates
Mazarael: Oh hell
Mazarael: How long will it take for me to do that?
YAR Pirate Lady: who knows? only the best are to become pirates sooner than the ones who dont cooperate
Mazarael: WEll
Mazarael: I've come and gone
Mazarael: I killed a fishman
Mazarael: I lost 5 teeth
Mazarael: and a finger
Mazarael: and my left toe!
YAR Pirate Lady: show me..this fishman
Mazarael: *shows you dead fishman. It has his throat bitten and torn out*
Mazarael: Arr
Mazarael: Told you
Mazarael: *drops it at your feet*
YAR Pirate Lady: tis a fishchild. me boy.
Mazarael: I lost my finger, my left toe, and 5 teeth for nothing?~
YAR Pirate Lady: tis a horid thing to fight the wrong fishbeing...yar. (nods)
Mazarael: Then I shall return soon
Mazarael: With another dead fishbeing
YAR Pirate Lady: yar. alrighty. i be knittin a scarf
Mazarael: I lost my left foot
Mazarael: my ear
Mazarael: and another 2 teeth
Mazarael: *drops fishman at your feet*
Mazarael: But he is dead.. yes.. arr
YAR Pirate Lady: you be gettin to the point where we have no use -_O.
YAR Pirate Lady: but
YAR Pirate Lady: we shall fix ye up
Mazarael: With a sewing needle, and a batch of rotten tomatoes, aye?
YAR Pirate Lady: no
YAR Pirate Lady: with a fishstick and some rope from the sails of my whale
YAR Pirate Lady: a reward me lad
YAR Pirate Lady wants to directly connect.
Mazarael: I hope it works
YAR Pirate Lady is now directly connected.
YAR Pirate Lady: yar
Mazarael: And what be me reward?
YAR Pirate Lady: tis i, PIRATE LADY and me other friend PIRATE KELLY
YAR Pirate Lady: i be in the green
YAR Pirate Lady: she be in the blue
YAR Pirate Lady: yar
Mazarael: mmm
Mazarael: Pirate lady be lookin mighty fine, yesh
YAR Pirate Lady: YAR!
YAR Pirate Lady: till i lost me legs, yes
Mazarael: I'm sure you still look quite fine, me lady
YAR Pirate Lady: yar..
YAR Pirate Lady: i guess so. but my peglegs dont fit
Mazarael: Don't matter
Mazarael: Women don't need legs
YAR Pirate Lady: rule 3.
YAR Pirate Lady: no giving my treasure pics to anyone unless they be a mate and tis my saying they can see
Mazarael: Heh, I wasn't going to
Mazarael: I assume you're going to be staying around longer than just this night?
YAR Pirate Lady: YAR
YAR Pirate Lady: maybe sailer. maybe
Mazarael: So
Mazarael: Curiously
Mazarael: Do you message random people and recruit them as mates often?
YAR Pirate Lady: this be a fish mutant
YAR Pirate Lady: i must return to me whale and sail off now
Mazarael: damn
YAR Pirate Lady: i see you next time, sailer

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