Good day so far, It can only get better...
2004-05-22 15:07:02 ET

So I'm sitting there playing quake 2, and my friend Laura calls. She told me Kelly said she thought she'd get off work early tonight, and for me to call her so we could hang out. I called her, and she'll be off 'round ten or so. That'll be fun. Plus, she told me that THREE more servers quit at IHOP yesterday, and with that info, I realize it's probably impossible for me to not get hired there. Especially since I know the managers uber cute son and the ever lovely Kelly. So soon... I'll be finished with this awful school, AND have a freakin job. Just need to save up a bit more cash for a car now, and I'll be set to go to atlanta in a year or so. My how things are looking up after such a bad week.
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2004-05-21 04:14:09 ET

So last night I went over to my friend Kelly's house. We just sat there and got stoned, and watched 28 days a couple of times. Hurray for goth chicks in statesboro. (something I never thought I'd see) She's cool as hell though, and I think she's gonna get me a job at IHOP as a server. I could really use the money.

2004-05-19 03:27:43 ET

Well shit, I was planning to take a few things over to a friend's house today, but noooo... The guy who has the stuff got into an accident yesterday. Apparently it was raining (though I have no recollection that it was) and he slipped around into a ditch or something. At least everything's ok.

2004-05-18 20:02:12 ET

Heh. Worrying about certain things can put a lot of stress on you. I've got my closure, i'm not going to be dicked around suddenly by someone. So, all boring depressing journal entries are gone, and the situation is over. I should graduate in a month, then it's off to Atlanta, or somewhere else. Finally I can be free of this miserable town.

I can rap!
2004-05-15 14:20:17 ET

I wrote a song. Because I'm a c0re fucking rapper! Suck me!

Jigga what what huh huh who? Jigga willy dilly nilly I fucked yo momma last night biatch jigga jigga who did dat humpty dumpty?!!
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