What enemy....
2004-04-15 01:44:41 ET

I'm an Atheist!

Which Enemy of the Christian Church Are You?

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Woo I'm hated!!!
2004-04-13 17:37:01 ET

To my girlfriend from her ex boyfriend in an email:

fuck you and your homo-gay bisexual fag boy. as far as i am concerned you are nothing more than a stupid fucking drop out that will never become anything in life and will always be a LOOSE Little whore that doesnt want to take the time to understand shit and rather make shit up that you can more easily understand. fuck the both of you. i hope you both get fucking AIDS.

Apparently moron doesn't realize he contradicted himself a few times in that, and furthermore believes he insulted me by calling me a homo-gay bisexual fag boy. Funny thing is that how can I be bisexual if I'm homosexual? Ah well! drama. Anyways, dipshit's Livejournal is http://www.livejournal.com/users/dumbfuker/

Go drop moron a line if you've got LJ and let him know how much of a dork he is. I find this all amusing, let's all make it funny! whee!

2004-04-12 18:52:21 ET

Well, Allysia and I are getting married in the next year. Her mom is paying for the wedding, and then she's paying for our honeymoon in England. I love you all! This is such a great day!

This is -not- a joke either. This is real, and it is happening to lil' Xanithe.

Lovely night
2004-04-12 17:24:04 ET

Well this has definitely been a day to remember. My girlfriend meets me up at the college today, and we hang out all day. Then later, she calls her mom and tells her how much she <3s me :D Which is so totally cool. And her mom invited me over for a while. It was fun, and she threatened to cut off my dick with a butcher knife if I had sex with her *grin* Then she took us out to Ruby Tuesday's and paid for dinner. All in all, I'd say this has been a great night. It's crazy, love at first sight, you never imagine it would happen, yet here it is...

Single? nahh
2004-04-10 19:23:46 ET

Whee. Well, I'm no longer single... I enjoy moving fast. Good for the heart. Yep. Maybe I can have a relationship which works -out- for once. Luckiest man alive I am. :D

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