2003-03-05 08:58:40 ET

Psycho. You are overwhelmed by anger. You may even
hate the world and everything in it and you
believe revenge is the way of the world. An eye
for an eye.

How Emotional Are You?
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Your Heart is Blue

What Color is Your Heart?
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2003-03-04 09:57:46 ET

I just got a 98 on my java test. The hardest test in the course, and I made the highest score in the class!

It's decided. Once I get my networking certification (CCNA) I'm going to some other college in the US to get a programming major out of the way. All the while working as a network admin somewhere so I can afford to go. I'd rather make shit money programming than 150+k a year with a CCIE.
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2003-03-03 09:39:56 ET

One of my instructors just gave me his Red Hat Linux book with the CD in!!!! I CAN FINALLY learn Linux and install it onto my computoooor. Damn I'm happy, I've been waiting so long to be able to do this.
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2003-03-03 06:07:11 ET

Where the hell did Death By Design go? She was beautiful, I miss her :(

2003-03-02 20:26:05 ET

I will forever be seriously biased against ANY idiot who works on or near the Georgia Southern University network. I couldn't get online ALL fucking weekend because the line was 'busy' bullshit bullshit bullshit! what kinda crap isp has their line busy on weekends and half of the weekdays?

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