2003-02-04 09:38:35 ET

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Le sigh
2003-02-01 07:56:12 ET

Another one of NASA's fuckups. I was sleeping when that shuttle went boom. TE has the link to the CNN report, I'm too lazy to put it here.

Now for the less important stuff in my life. My aunt took me out to eat last night, and to buy me late birthday presents! I ALLLLLLLMOST got Kingdom Hearts for ps2, but I decided to get Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Devil's Advocate, and Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust for DVD. So I was up real late watching these awesome movies. And D is SO beautiful!

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2003-01-30 08:05:41 ET

yes, unfortunately, I just realized that half the friends I have, are COMPLETE FUCKING MORONS. Anti cloning too! How can ANYONE be against cloning?! Science is so beautiful, and yet people don't wish to go as far as you possibly can. But thats not the reason why I think they're idiots, they just are... you know what I mean, ex ravers, always talk about how much sex/how drunk they used to get. I can't stand that :/

On a lighter note, I had a fun birthday. We went out to El Sombrero (if I'm spelling that right) And I got the soundtracks to final fantasy six, nine, and ten!!!!!! Such beautiful music, it always makes me cry.

2003-01-28 19:21:38 ET

Tis my eighteenth birthday. Joy!

2003-01-28 10:14:40 ET

Hrm...For the past few weeks we've been talking about router commands, hardware components and fun stuff like that. And the past few days we've been doing labwork with the equipment. Ya know, connecting to routers through console ports with hyper terminal and making virtual telnet sessions between the six routers in the back. really fun stuff if you ask me.
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