They suck...
2003-01-14 13:45:45 ET

People who don't enjoy RPGs mainly FINAL FANTASY should all be put in a boat, and sail off the edge of the planet. Because as we have known for thousands of years, the world is FLAT.

2003-01-14 11:22:05 ET

I was thinking something that I thought was important, so I decided to post. But I forgot what it was I was thinking about!

2003-01-14 02:20:25 ET

It's 7:22 am. I THINK I just woke up, but I'm not sure. I remember constantly waking up all throughout the night, so I don't know if I actually ever got any sleep. What a nightmare.

My day
2003-01-13 20:00:40 ET

Xanithe: QUICK!
Xanithe: I need a pregnant lady and a coat hanger!
lurveness: wtf?!?!?!

So.. I was kidnapped today. Jessica stole me from the college and took me to subway. I tried to not eat anything, but she had to go and buy me food. I can't stand it when people buy me stuff. Makes me sooo mad since I can't buy anyone ELSE anything. Thats another thing I can't stand, people need to quit making me eat. I'll eat when I'm hungry, LEAVE ME ALONE! I'll continue eating one meal a day. Nobody can change my schedule!

2003-01-13 18:23:28 ET

Nobody in chat, nobody on AIM, nothing to do! Have nothing to look forward to in school! I'll have a good night of sleep tonight.

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