2003-01-12 20:38:15 ET

Batmewbat: GEEK!
Xanithe: GEEK!
Xanithe: and who are you? :p
Batmewbat: haha

Batmewbat: I am the one.
Xanithe: bah you're no..
Xanithe: oooh
Xanithe: sweet
Xanithe: The one?
Batmewbat: yes.
Xanithe: dude
Xanithe: I've been searching for you all my life
Batmewbat: I am indeed The One.
Xanithe: and I've finally found you
Batmewbat: damn, you really are a geek.

2003-01-12 20:32:17 ET

01:28:53 paperdoll> that is soo hot RAWR
01:28:55 paperdoll> jk lol
01:28:59 paperdoll> im being an asshole
01:29:02 paperdoll smacks herself
01:29:57 paperdoll> ow you bitch
01:30:02 paperdoll> no your the bitch
01:30:05 paperdoll> screw you
01:30:08 paperdoll> no screw you
01:30:09 paperdoll> ahh
01:30:11 paperdoll> i hate you
01:30:15 paperdoll> i hate you too
01:30:22 paperdoll has conversation with herself

Paperdoll is great... Poor abused child.. tsk
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What kulture are you?
2003-01-12 19:05:44 ET

The Subculture Label Quiz

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MUHAHAHA But *I* am a geek with style!

awake early-like
2003-01-12 04:52:05 ET

My schedule is all screwed up. I went to sleep at 4 am, then woke up at 7:30. man that sucks. And I have to go to class tomorrow at 10. Ah well. I think I'll be going back to sleep shortly. I really have nothing I could be doing.

The only problem with having a ps2 now, is the fact that I have a useless DVD player and playstation. Maybe I'll give the DVD player to my "hopefully would be girlfriend if I had the courage to ask her out" for her birthday. She'd love that since she doesn't have one. Oh well, I think I need to get back to bed. Good day, subkultures.net.

2003-01-11 11:11:54 ET

Finally I felt like getting batteries for my digital camera. My hair is invisible though, it's back behind me. But it's really long!

Bootslut01 says I look angry. Well, thats because it's illegal to smile in Georgia.

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