2002-12-31 11:14:04 ET

Silent Hill 2 is soooooooo fucking scary. Just like the first one I think. Whenever I turn the power off, I'm always reluctant to turn it back on. =D I guess thats the sign of a scary game for me, since I -don't- get scared. At least christmas didn't suck as bad as I thought it would. I loooooooove my new playstation 2. And Final Fantasy X rocks.

2002-12-24 15:46:24 ET

I've decided why I hate Christmas for now. Because I have nobody to celebrate with but family :/ Nothing but loud obnoxious people who I'd love to gag. I have to move to a city, I just have to.
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if I were a final fantasy job class...
2002-12-18 13:07:08 ET


the famed master of black magic.

"efficient"; funny-looking; intelligent
[Final Fantasy Tactics Job Class]


2002-12-17 16:11:34 ET

I think I'm gaining weight.. sigh

I can still fit into my size 28 pants, but it's rather uncomfortable to sit down cross legged. I loved those pants, and I paid 50 bucks for em. Hrm, I'm nearly 18, 5'6 and weigh 125. Thats about normal isn't it? I feel fat... *groan*

Ha! fun!
2002-12-16 16:33:40 ET

Turn your speakers up for this one.



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