2002-12-16 16:08:31 ET

This vacation is turning out to be sooooooo boring. I just tried to replay Final Fantasy Eight, before realizing that the people making it must have been on crack while doing so. I've never not enjoyed a game as much as Final Fantasy Eight. Ah well, a week or so until Christmas, and I think I can finally test out Final Fantasy Ten.

I wish someone would call me :( I dun like sitting around this much doing nothing. I want to go back to school already *whine*

2002-12-13 08:10:33 ET

Well, yesterday was the last day of finals, and I think... I failed my algebra class.. sigh. Ah well, I have three weeks of sitting around and listening to my grandmother bitch about me not having a job! Whee! Merry Christmas eh? Humbug!

I'm a dork
2002-12-04 13:33:59 ET

I just downloaded fifty megs of final fantasy mp3s on a 28.8 kbps connection. Fear my dorkedness. (and frighteningly slow internet connection)

2002-11-28 12:54:00 ET

I hate this holiday. Just another excuse for fat Americans to eat more.

I had to listen to random cousins of mine jabber on for nearly four hours with loud voices. I hate this day I hate this day I hate this day.
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2002-11-22 16:40:02 ET

need sex.. must get girlfriend in house not car.

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