2002-11-19 13:07:13 ET

The two good things about winter are...

Snow and fire.

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Such growth
2002-11-15 11:10:10 ET

This place has grown huge, as well as the sykospark forums. I feel so old saying this, but... When I came to the forums, there were only 1000 posts! I was the fifth person who registered on Subkultures! I love you guys!

Needing to post.
2002-11-14 18:30:02 ET

yes, I have to post again.

two months.. eighteen.. *drools all over floor* and I'll finish this major in about... six months? Yay! Then I go somewhere other than hell.

2002-11-14 17:46:31 ET

I hate learning IP addressing... blah this sucks! I don't wanna know how to turn ip addresses to binary code, I don't wanna be able to learn how to request IP addresses from ARIN. *cry*

Hexidecimal to decimal and binary!
2002-10-29 08:18:57 ET

I'm so special, see? I can do THIS!

00 90 27 99 D4 DC -Hexidecimal

0 144 39 153 212 220 -Decimal

0000000 10010000 001000000 10011001 11010100 11011100 -Bin

conversion! Exciting, isn't it?

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