New music I'm working on.
2002-09-04 06:45:47 ET

I Need to find some place to host SOME of this. I've actually started working on music again. If any if you want to hear it, IM me on AIM and I'll send you something.. Screenname is Xanithe

Come to think of it..
2002-09-01 12:52:04 ET

Any good suggestions on music? I need something new to listen to rather than switch between all four funker vogt cds over and over and over each day. Any specific songs I could get off of Audiogalaxy? Industrial (hopefully)

This is scary
2002-09-01 12:48:07 ET

I just forgot what month it is, Is it august or September? Its the first of Sept right?

I have no life, its scary. I can't keep track of time.

And I really regret not having anything to post about. Anyways, I still exist. Have fun
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Must meet Vasa!
2002-08-06 06:42:35 ET

Vasa, this is mainly directed torwards you.. I'm trying my best to meet up with you guys this weekend, sucks being 17 though :P My mom is hysterical when it comes to this type of thing. Of course, we all know you're a crazy ass killah! AIM me more often so we can meet up y0!

2002-07-31 18:29:41 ET

Storm today, and my modem got friend! ack blagh sputter. This sucks, I'm on my grandmother's computer where freakin TELNET runs slowly. isn't that terrible? ugh I hate celeron processors.

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