I love you guys!
2002-07-30 08:59:28 ET

umm my thank you message to Syko/Mox for 'undeleting' my existance! I love you guys.

Fun stuff lately, I actually found someone who listens to industrial and such in this horrible little town that I live in. Same Computer programs and such and all. its great, we're going to start working on something in the next few days.

new picture
2002-07-12 23:00:43 ET

hmm new picture, fun. Annoyed after shaving with my hair tied back. Have fun

2002-07-10 15:26:07 ET

Have your sound up so you can here this, I dunno how old it is, buts its hilarious


Back in class
2002-07-08 07:59:10 ET

This is fun, I'm sitting in the same classroom as I was before, on the same computer, doing the same things as usual. Ahh its good to be back.

2002-07-04 23:58:34 ET

Hmmm haven't updated anything lately, so I guess I'll do so now. Class starts on Monday, bladklfj.. I don't want to go back already.. that blows. But apparently we're having a family reunion like... july 21st? Should be fun there at least.
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