2002-06-17 07:21:24 ET

yay, I just got done taking my last final for this quarter. It took about.. oh say... 5 minutes? guy is about to give us our averages. I BETTER still have a 95 in this class. but hurray for me, I get three weeks off. Have a nice day, I know I sure will ;)

2002-06-13 09:06:02 ET

Class is over now, and i"m drinking a nice bottle of vanilla coke. Well... just now I was CHOKING on a nice bottle of vanilla coke, but hey, it happens.

Last day of class
2002-06-13 08:31:14 ET

I can't believe this quarter is over already, this is the last day of class, asides from the two finals I have to take on Friday/Monday. I can't wait for my three week break. This will be fun I suppose.

Touch my penis or no?
2002-06-03 18:17:15 ET

If you want to touch my penis, post a reply, if you don't, don't. Just a poll I want to take! wheee!

Bad day
2002-06-03 10:15:15 ET

bad day, I get horny, ask this 'vampire chick' out, then 30 minutes later I don't want her. Plus I got a 90 on a test. How much worse could my day be? Oh yes! I don't have my computer for the next week!

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