Because I'm hardly ever here.
2002-04-30 09:21:26 ET

People have asked me why I never post here any more, its because of the fact that I'm actually IN SCHOOL. So don't expect me to post often. I'm lucky if I get to post once a week or less.

Anyways, class is fun, in fact I'm sitting here right now. Have fun all.. later later!

2002-04-19 07:23:39 ET

Doom..... where the hell are you?
Has anyone even seen him in forever? Or should I be checking the boards and he's posting there. I just know he hasn't put up a journal entry in forever.

2002-04-17 09:35:17 ET

3rd post in 30 minutes. w00t me.

I've been looking around, and everywhere I go, EVERY is dating someone else. I'm seriously like the only person here who is not single. Its rather depressing really. This is my call for help! Someone fucking come and abduct me from statesboro Georgia. PLEASE!

Rabid Fiend
2002-04-17 09:23:43 ET

yes, thats right all. Rabid and I fucked 125 TIMES! We own you all....

Operating systems
2002-04-17 08:49:38 ET

I don't understand why this class is called Operating Systems, if for 8 of the 10 weeks while we are in here is all over Windows 2000. Thats insane. As much as I oh so love Windows. I don't feel like taking an OPERATING SYSTEMS class ALL about it. I thought that I would go over a lot of different OSs, but I guess not. oh well.

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