2002-04-12 08:53:02 ET

I don't see how my networking fundamentals class can be out for an entire week. My lame-o teacher is not there. So I come home every every day. Go up there, come back home. Oooer. Whats up with that? I'm so lucky that I have Fridays off. I like having a 3 day weekend every weekend. fun fun.

Here in class.
2002-04-04 08:03:14 ET

Class started yesterday. I only have two classes this quarter. Networking fundamentals, and Operating systems concepts. Luckily I'm off on Fridays. YAY ME! I'm actually sitting in my Operating systems class right now. God damn this guys is boring! *rofl*

Junjk's c0ck
2002-03-31 21:06:12 ET

its fucking HUGE! Good god. If you see him, ask him for it. Its DAMN scary. I think he could kill someone with it.

A switching of my schedule
2002-03-30 00:30:43 ET

I'm almost turned around fully and will be ready to go back to school. Today, I stayed up until 2pm, which I finally went to sleep and woke up at 11. Today I will not go to sleep until around 10-12, and THEN I'll be all turned around and ready. Hurray for sleep!

3rd entry within 30 minutes?
2002-03-28 04:21:18 ET

I'm feeling strange. Nothing is wrong. But I just lost any desire to give a fuck about anyone in the world. For all of you who are having bad lives right now, GOOD! I hope it gets worse and you DIE. I don't think I've ever felt this way before. Wow. It's such a great feeling.

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