2002-03-26 14:00:10 ET

I feel like shit, and my stomach hurts. I just woke up and people are nagging at me trying to get me to eat. Who the hell eats when the first wake up ? gah. I can't eat until about 5 hours after I wake up. Oh well. I like bitching at the world.

Almost, I can be FREE!
2002-03-24 15:46:55 ET

Thank god, after tonight, I can have the internet back all day long once again. I miss being able to read the boards at my will. My annoying cousin is finally leaving tonight I think. That makes me happy. I can actually do SOMETHING for Sykospark and Moxie. Cheer! Hurray for sunday.

2002-03-23 05:51:03 ET

I'm amazed. In the last day, we have gotten 4 whole pages of new members here. Thats pretty damn scary. Nothing interesting ever happens in my life, its not fun at all. *sigh*.

The other day I finally finished another one of my songs, it actually turned out quite nicely. 6 minutes long, and I really like it. And so do a few other people. Anyways, good night world!

hot hot HOT
2002-03-21 16:54:28 ET

Damn. I finally get the chance to look through at all the pictures of the members here. wo0o0o0o0. All you new girls look damn TASTY. And since I'm such a fucking loser, I have to find ALL my girls on the net. Alright people, start leaving AIM screennames HERE!!!

If you're a girl, I want the aim posted as a reply.

Lotsa people!
2002-03-21 02:24:33 ET

I just noticed that today. There are so many people here that I don't even know. HI ALL! I'm tired. Not very tired, but kinda tired. I can't think of what to put here, so I'm not going to put anything else. Good bye !

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