American Idle    2009-05-20 14:30:26 ET
I really dont' want adam lame-bert to win, thought he probably will. he belongs on a cabaret stage or broadway maybe, but not a "pop star" that he said from the beginning that he wants to be. i don't want to have to hear his shrill screaming on the radio from now on.

 hypocrisy    2009-05-17 09:42:58 ET
I find it to be the biggest load of bullshit when people of certain religions ( particularly christian extremists) want to judge others for their lifestyles and actions, but when those who do the judging get called out of their inappropriate activities, they try to weasel out of it by saying that god will be the judge and that only god will judge them. really? so by that reasoning maybe you should mind your own business and let god judge the others you are being prejudiced against.

 american idle    2009-05-06 16:21:07 ET
paula needs to stop singing and doing choreography, it is dated and tired and lame. it was also really shitty that her performance on American idol was completely lip synced. don't judge the others on their singing when you can't even sing live.
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 american idle    2009-04-29 16:05:09 ET
I still can't stand Adam Lambert. IDK why. He just bugs me. And the way he sticks his tongue annoys me soooo much. GOD make his stop screeching into the mic.

 sex in the city    2009-04-25 10:48:00 ET
ok i don't understand why miranda's clothes are always so ugly - and an episode is on now where charlotte is given awesome shoes for free because the shoe salesman has a foot fetish - they make her take the shoes back - i say screw that i don't see any problem in keeping those shoes!

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