seriously?    2009-03-16 18:39:06 ET
OK, yeah I heard that at verizon buy one black berry get the second free-yest i have heard the commericals, but I'm sick of people telling me this because if I am the only person on a one-line plan WTF am I going to do with a second black berry but sell it. I guess that will make of for one month of the extra fees they charge on your plan just to back a blackberry.

 ABDC    2009-03-07 07:22:16 ET
Yes! I watch America's Best Dance Crew.
I think I agree that Quest Crew was ever so slightly better than Beat Freakz. I think because they did slightly more stunts than Beat Freakz, but they were both great and I loved both groups. I especially liked at the end of Quest Crew's orQuestral performance where one of the guys does a flip, and his buddy pushes him to the end of the row of the other guys. Though I think my fav performance was the Jabbawockeez PYT performance.

 I got the blues!    2009-03-02 17:06:25 ET
I hate blue toilet water!

 bleh!    2009-03-02 13:08:36 ET
Anyone else disgusted by the support for Chris Brown and his clear lack of remorse while he jet skis. I can't decide whether I'm more disgusted by him or her for taking him back. I'm also disgusted by what appears to be some sort of weird conspiracy to keep his career going at the detriment of hers. I used to like her and her music. Now she just looks like a stupid little twit to me.

 seasonal bullshit!    2009-03-01 16:55:57 ET
So I'm cramping like crazy and I go to get a heating blanket from Target. To my dismay, I was told that they do not carry those, that they have been discontinued (I don't he was using that word correctly) and heating pads and blankets are seasonal items and they are sold out and phasing into spring items. WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
That is NOT a seasonal item. People get back aches and all kinds of reasons they need a heating pad, and those reasons don't occur within a specified 2-3 month time frame a year.
So I'm going to call Target corporate tomorrow and bitch.
or email at
Who is with me?!?
..and to think I was a die hard Target fan up until 7pm today.

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