haHA problem solved!    2009-07-12 15:05:06 ET
So I no longer have all the roommates. Now I just live with one person who is quiet like myself. We are also never home at the same time. and the dogs stay in the kennel most of the time. they dont' even bark they just howl everyonce ina while. It is great at this point. Yay for quiet non-retardedness!
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 noone saved him from the thing with the forty eyes    2009-06-25 16:20:16 ET
Sure Thriller was great, but he has been irrelevant for decades now. There are other irrelevant people who died this week as well who didn't molest little boys.

 lose it or lose it    2009-06-14 09:38:24 ET
So I want to lose 10 lbs.
My problem is that I like to munch.
So I am embracing:
-rotisserie chicken mixed with stir fry veggies
-fresh cherries
-pink grape fruit
-thin pretzel crisps
-hummus with olives

I anticipate this backfiring on me within a couple weeks when I get tired of it and fall victim to my latest obsession- Doritos Spicy-Sweet Chili chips (the purple bag)
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 maturity maybe?    2009-06-13 10:53:02 ET
So I am a john cusack fan. I used to really like High Fidelity. But watching it now, I realize I only liked the parts in the store (THANK GOF FOR JACK BLACK). The parts other than that, I see his character as a pathetic, self-consumed, self-pitying little bitch.
He gets all out of joint when his ex (Laura) is sleeping with his pseudo-existential upstairs neighbor, even though he had already cheated on her when they were together and he just fucked some musician.
But he pines over his ex. And when he gets her back, he makes a mix tape (his form of flirting) with a journalist for some independent music magazine.
It is clear that he wouldn't have the store and wouldn't have DJ'ed the show at the end of the movie without Laura.

This has happened to me before with other movies.

Reality Bites - they are all stuck up people who think they are so far above everyone else they come in contact with. They completely shit on Ben Stiller's character, even though he is clearly the only one with some sense.

Sex in the City - yeah it seems glamorous until you realize all the characters are shallow and petty. Carried is a fucking mess. IDK why people want her with Aiden. I think he was the best guy, but she shouldn't have been with him. He was a terrible match for her. She belongs with "Big," who knew how to fuck with her head. I think if she had gotten him from the beginning, she just would have bailed eventually anyway.

Whatever - I just hope they show grosse pointe blank, or some other decent cusack movie.

 i hate the kardashians    2009-05-30 12:43:54 ET
I sear to god, i heard/saw them say "does dad have colonoscopy?"
wow, proof that the "pretty people" are stupid.

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