bleeding from the ears    2009-04-12 14:44:00 ET
So one of my roommates is a squealer. i have been tolerating it, since i really have no choice - she makes these high-pitched squeals, aside from her general loudness, and then sometimes makes almost dolphin-like squeakie noises. WTF! I can imagine how those noises don't bother anyone else in the house, especially her boyfriend.

 sticks and stones    2009-04-01 15:58:14 ET
watching megan joy on american idol dance brings to my attention that really skinny girls look weird when they dance mostly

 American Idle    2009-04-01 15:40:55 ET
So i'm not a die hard fan, but I have been watching enough to know a couple of the current contestants names. I DO NOT LIKE ADAM LAMBERT. The judges need to tell him to get over himself. such a freaking HAM for the camera. He is self-indulgent and he just wants to be a pop star. He annoys the crap outta me!
if i had to pick someone i wanted to win, i'd pick gokey, but i can really say that i care enough to buy anyone's cd

 you're so vain!    2009-04-01 12:58:39 ET
Sooooo, I've never been someone who would drop a bunch of cash on things like clothes and bag and shoes.
I usually shop at target and i'm not ashamed to admit i'll buy something from walmart and kmart if it looks decent
but there is a coach tote that i am dying to have.
i am not nor have i ever been a label whore - i really like the style and how the pockets are
if i could find it in a fake i would buy a fake one but noones makes that same cut/shape/style bag

so in about 2 hours, if i don't get outbid, i will drop $100 on a purse
haven't i earned it?
all chicks should be allowed to be permitted to drop some cash irresponsibly at least once a decade right?!

 hate, hate, hate them!    2009-03-25 12:23:24 ET
I absolutely detest ring-back tones. Most ring tones or ring back tones are just fucking noise if you don't know the song. They are never clear. Always static! You want to express yourself via song? Save that shit for your myspace. No one else cares what song from the movie Twilight is your personal theme song for your life! It is like being incoherently yelled at instead of getting a normal ring.

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