make up    2010-01-20 11:17:46 ET
has anyone ever tries the bare minerals makeup kit that is on those infomercials? I am a lazy make-up user.I'm tired of liquid foundation.I'm thinking of trying tinted moisturizers too.

 I am DONE!    2010-01-20 11:15:44 ET
Online dating is the biggest waste of time. I know there are multiple sites, but at the the end of the day, it's all the same idiots on the same sites. You are not changing locations, just a website.
Asking me if you can text me a "naughty pic" is a waste and you might as well have just sent it. Seriously guys, texting me a pic of you cock does not instantly make me horny for you.
Yeah, girls do get horny and think about sex way more than guys think they do, but a text pic of you dick will not have the same effect on us and texting a pic of our tits will have on you.

 the hottness of Dirty Jobs    2009-11-11 14:35:30 ET
I have a secret crush on Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs

I saw this episode and thought WTF IS GOING ON HERE!!!???

 here comes the bride    2009-10-28 16:34:59 ET
ok so my friend is getting married. I don't understand why there is so much worry over favors for the guests. I mean you are buying them dinner so Whatever you decided to get them, only a fraction of the guests will actually care.
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 wait, wait, weight    2009-09-29 14:22:59 ET
I am pondering joining weight watchers....

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