Teen mom    2010-07-30 15:26:09 ET
These girls are not thinkers.
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 American Idle    2010-07-23 19:16:17 ET
So, I have a little crush on Lee Dewyze. There I said it. So, instead of having him sign something for me, I thought I'd give him something...and no not herpes. I gave him a congratulations card. After the show, I waited with the other desperates for the Idols to come out.

I was only behind one person up to the railing. So when he came over to us after working him way around I slid my arm through and handed him the card with his name on it.

He said "oh thank you" and I smiled. I realize he probably says that a lot and I'm being a little silly. But it is fun to get butterflies over someting like that again. And it was fun knowing he was speaking directly to me.

OMG dork overload! lol

I should mention I'm not a big AI fan, I'm just a fan of the type of music that is seems he will be making.
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 kiss and make-up    2010-07-11 16:29:11 ET
So after much taunting from my girly-girl sister, this tom-boy has invested in the bareMinerals starter kit from sephora.

I am excited and anxious and idk.

 rawr    2010-03-28 10:39:55 ET
I am officially a Cougar :-)

Though considering my age, I guess I would be considered more of Puma.

Tis fun and refreshing!

 deja vu    2010-02-21 06:54:09 ET
So I don't have a problem with being single and my friends being in relationships in general.
The problem comes up when the couple wants to do things and looks at activities in terms of pairs.
For example:
Proposing going canoeing is fine if there are 4 of us or for the 2 of you, but wtf am I supposed to get out of being in a canoe all by myself. I'm just going to end up going in circles.
3 people are not going to fit in the canoe. I guess the problem is the guy in this instance. My friend recognized that 3 people cannot fit in a canoe.
Even walking down a street or in a mall or what-have-you is a situation that is excluding for the third-wheel, the pair can walk side-by-side or hand-in-hand while the 3rd wheel either walks in front or behind the pair, excluded from discussion.
Hanging out watching movies, whatever, I'm fine, but there are these instances where the 3rd wheel just doesn't fit. I have no problem if they really want to go canoeing, they can go, I mean it's not like I don't have my own shit to do. I'm not going to have a problem with that. But don't pretend like it's a scenario that works for everyone present.

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