eastwick    2009-09-23 17:32:56 ET
the new tv show eastwick (like Witches of Eastwick which was totally awesome) is a bit weak. But the guy who plays VanHorn ( the guy from Due South) is yummy!

 GOD    2009-09-20 06:24:12 ET
if god exists, he is the equivalent of a wife beater...(the man not the shirt)
he randomly, without warning, beats you down and you are still expected to apologize to him, and beg his forgiveness, and thank him for not killing you.

 the devil in prada    2009-09-13 06:01:01 ET
i LOVE the devil wears prada movie
but it really bothers me that they welcome the free shit she gives them, but when she is busy they shit on her...they already have their jobs/carers that they want..this really frustrates me!!!! you know they sacrificed things when they were working to where they are now GGAARRRGG!

 like the "aaaahhh!" after that first gulp of a cold soda    2009-09-04 10:39:57 ET
I won't get into the details but I just told my ex-roommate that she was two faced and to go fuck herself...felt good
technically i texted it and then blocked her number so she couldn't call or text back.

 choices    2009-07-28 13:30:33 ET
I am replacing popcorn and chip with blue berries

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