holy shit-snacks!    2011-03-10 16:18:33 ET
I <3 Archer!

 river in Egypt    2010-12-15 16:38:45 ET
so..Ryan Reynold and Scarlette Johansen are divorcing. I suspect that Ryan is the gay.

 braiiiiiins!    2010-12-05 11:35:50 ET
So I'm watching Walking Dead and wondering why, post zombie apocalypse, do people bother staying in the right lane.
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 epiphany    2010-11-13 06:35:53 ET
I realize now that I have, and continue to, compromise my happiness in favor of the responsible choice.

 Teen mom psycho?    2010-10-02 08:53:02 ET
So...watching Teen Mom on MTV. I've seen quite a big deal made of Amber smacking the crap outta Gary. Now I'm not saying that what she did is okay. Clearly she has a hodgepodge of issues. However, I don't think the wrong is all in her court. What is shows on tv is never the WHOLE story. It's called editing. Also it seems that Gary plays quite a bit of mind-fucking and is painfully passive-agressive.

I also wonder, sometimes it seems that the girls (Farrah and Amber specifically) seem neglectful and I wonder if it is because they think that the crew/cameramen (remember there are a few of them standing around) will keep on eye on the kid.

There was one particular scene where Farrah (yeah I know she has "issues" too) was bringing stuff into the apt. when she was moving in. She left her baby in her carrier out in the hall and then came back for her. Now of course there was at least the one cameraman standing there. I'm sure he wouldn't have let someone walk by and take the baby. I'm sure if I was standing in the hall with a friend, she would feel comfortable leaving her baby with me. So what is the difference? Now if nobody was there and she had done the same thing, def not ok.

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