00ntz 00ntz
2003-04-17 15:17:18 ET

the weekend begins tonight. its gonna be huge. jarv's b-day, recording symbiotic, assemblage 23. on the other hand, i got a pretty wack haircut. look for the cactus-head this weekend.

2003-04-17 15:19:02 ET

I bet its seeesssssy ;) You know you love it.

2003-04-17 15:21:14 ET

mmm the weekend... :)
cactus head?

2003-04-17 15:25:04 ET

prickly pear.

we should all check into a hospital on monday...

2003-04-17 15:25:50 ET

hahah, my hair does look wack. im way too impulsive

oddstar: yes, weekends rule...yea got my haircut so short, the only 'style' i can put it into is spiky. which kinda looks like certain species of cactus

2003-04-17 15:26:35 ET

storm: no doubt...i know im gonna need a transfusion by then...my blood will be more alcohal than anything else

2003-04-17 15:30:25 ET


2003-04-17 15:33:51 ET

I am going to invade Azrael's house in a bit.


2003-04-17 15:34:46 ET

spikey hair is neato...and i think i know what species your talking about lol

2003-04-17 15:34:48 ET

dude...come over NOW

2003-04-17 15:36:48 ET

Damn, dude.
I was about to make some soba noodles.
You want me to ditch out on the noodles and come over?
Or bring the noodles over?
They're pretty good stuff. 8]


2003-04-17 15:42:50 ET

ok...wank your noodle first

i still have to pack anyway

2003-04-17 15:43:22 ET


That's a horrible term for "cook."

2003-04-17 15:56:16 ET

i think something got confused...

2003-04-17 15:57:30 ET

I'm coming over (your face) in like 10 minutes, Azrael.

2003-04-17 16:05:56 ET

take you that long, eh...you gotta work on your technique!

2003-04-17 16:07:13 ET

oddstar: sorry, i missed your post...anyway, yea...it would look cool if it were an inch longer. er, i'm talking about my hair, btw

2003-04-17 16:14:58 ET

Dirrty. <3<3

2003-04-17 16:26:56 ET

yea i know. lol. well just let it grow out...

2003-04-17 17:01:33 ET

I wanna see cactus head!

2003-04-17 20:03:23 ET

00ntz for symbiotic!

2003-04-19 08:59:38 ET

i am not dirty!

anyway, people seem to like the lid...even though i still think it looks weird. maybe i'll post pics.

turbo: wish me luck on todays recording!

2003-04-19 23:54:59 ET

good luck (-:

2003-04-20 11:42:15 ET

Dirty isnt bad... ;)

2003-04-21 01:40:47 ET

this is true

2003-04-21 05:53:40 ET

recording went ok...just tracked my part of 'devil with the green eyes'

it should be all good. and no dirty isnt bad =)

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