2008-02-14 09:20:05 ET

i think i want to leave seattle for a long time.

2008-02-14 20:05:09 ET


2008-02-22 14:26:35 ET

i don't know. i think there is more to see that i haven't seen.

2008-02-22 15:33:08 ET

There's always more to see, but "leave seattle for a long time" sounds like you don't want to be here anymore. Where will you go?

2008-04-28 20:07:06 ET

heh...moving here from l.a. has been a difficult and oft times stifling adjustment...i don't think i'll want to live here for more than another year...i don't hate it entirely, in fact i like a lot about seattle...but i highly encourage moving somewhere larger and more cultured. i'm definitely moving back to l.a. again when i'm done here and from there thinking somewhere in europe for a while.

2008-04-30 13:30:55 ET

i don't think a place like l.a. is going to be much different than here. bigger, yes. more people, yes. more stuff to do, yes. but not different.
i think getting out of the good ol' usa is the answer. europe or south america or australia. i think that's the only way to attain the change i seek.

2008-04-30 22:49:05 ET

actually los angeles is *completely* different from not only seattle but most anywhere else in this country i've ever been. and i grew up in the midwest and have been in many other american cities and locales before moving there. it's uniqueness and hugeness as a city is probably why it's also the most misunderstood place in this nation cause everywhere else in whitewashed stupid america doesn't really 'get' it. it's a cultural and artistic world hub, moreso than new york from my personal experiences. LAX is one of the busiest airports in the world, and the busiest in the country (busier than anything on the east coast) and it's really not like any other place in this country outside of the american laws governing it. it's its own culture - there is no majority - socal as a whole is also the world's largest megalopolis outside of tokyo as well as the 5th largest economy on the planet. it may as well be its own country because its not like anywhere else in america, and that's probably why i like it so much. theres beauty there that the rest of america really doesn't appreciate. the only real adjustment i could see to moving there from seattle outside of the completely different culture and no majority mindset is how huge it is. southern california with l.a. as its hub is literally thousands of square miles of unending city. you can drive for 4 hours from the northernmost point of the valley all the way to the mexican border and the city never ends and keeps extending well beyond even the border. but by all means don't let me stop you from moving to europe - i plan on living there myself at some point - i just highly recommend visiting los angeles at some point as a place to experience that's actually worthwhile in this country. just go with someone who knows the city cause i've found that due to its size, there's a lot of people who have lived there their entire lives who are even clueless as to many of the coolest locations and things to do there. also, suburban socal leaves a lot to be desired. inner city los angeles and san diego are far more interesting. there's also a huge cross between europe and los angeles, many musicians/artists have moved there from london or simply go back and forth. i know plenty of them myself.

2008-05-05 11:15:13 ET

whoa. i was never doubting LA...i've never been there and can't say anything about it one way or another. obviously you know more than me. i'd love to visit, of course, just as i'd love to visit anywhere really. someday i will. however, as far as living somewhere, i think i'd prefer to live outside of the US altogether. that's all i was saying.

2008-05-05 14:20:58 ET

heh yeah i know what you were saying...i just love l.a. what is probably an unhealthy amount ;-P lol. i also tend to go off on tangents really easily about anything i love...it was nothing more than that, really.

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