2010-07-15 12:23:18 ET

So, today is a good day and good and bad things come in threes... miata sold, my financial aid went through, could I be reunited with my favorite person soon too? *fingers crossed*

2010-07-14 10:58:49 ET

Greg is probably coming down to visit this weekend (if miata doesn't sell), if we can find cheap tires for him. If miata sells, we'll still get him tires but I'll get to leave with him. SO fingers crossed on the miata selling.

2010-07-13 12:05:24 ET

Vicodin for cramps plzkthx.

I don't know what it's been lately but the last 4 packs I actually BLEED for a goddamn week. I never used to actually bleed on this birth control. I want a new one. Anyone have any luck with any of them and NO BLEEDING?

2010-07-13 08:24:38 ET

I want to move. My stupid car needs to sell.

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