2010-08-26 12:31:48 ET

I'm a bitch.

Seriously, it's true.

I thought I saw something there
I was wrong
You should respect that I can admit it
I'm sorry dude I was wrong

I loved the idea of you
Not you
I'm sorry
But I was wrong

I thought you were a fighter like me
A lot of heart and a little crazy
But beneath the ink and holes
You're just a scared little boy
Flailing around trying to find a home

Not that I can compare
My inner child has been scared for years
Barely holding on as the years take their toll

Maybe we're more alike than I can accept
Maybe that's why it seems we're always up in arms again
Boy be glad your bike is faster than mine
But maybe you'll get sick of chasing before you find out what I am

Beneath the satire
The fights over dog shit
And this land with no desires
For anything more than what they've got

I'm going to recoil
Nothing you can do about it
I'm going to recoil
And dream of a flat in London
A place I'd rather be
But I'm stuck in Alabama
Trying to live out a silly dream

I found something you can't fix
It's me
It's always me

2010-08-16 12:35:58 ET

Things I've learned thus far in my life.

Boys who say they game occasionally really mean "I'll take over your tv playing xbox like it's a part time job even if you just moved and don't even have Internet hooked up or 3G on your phone because AT&T doesn't service where you just moved."

Joint checking accounts are always a bad idea even if they make paying bills easier.

Keep your birthcontrol in your purse or somewhere else forbidden so he can't sabotage it as easily.

Cats make way better house pets.


2010-08-10 10:52:30 ET

So, I'm on day two of Lybrel.

I'm in a fabulous mood!

And I started it at the beginning of my cycle so I'm having minimal spotting. No cramps, no headaches, no nausea, no bloated feeling. If the spotting stops I'll be stoked.

With my fabulous mood Greg and I are getting along and having fun again.

2010-08-08 13:04:44 ET

Boyfriends who won't put out make me feel ugly.

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