2010-04-27 18:16:20 ET

My cat Puck died unexpectedly today. We buried him a few hours ago. May he rest in peace.

2010-04-26 06:28:26 ET

I don't really expect to ever be able to hold gainful employment even after the years of school. Guess I should start preparing that medical evidence for SSI... lol.

2010-04-24 16:33:43 ET

I have a new crush.
He's awesome.
But, I doubt it's mutual.

2010-04-23 13:21:56 ET

All Scott does is go to work and come home and go to bed. He claims that since his computer doesn't work (and he won't use mine because it's a Mac and "too slow to play WoW") there is no reason for him to stay up... Fuck this shit.
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