2010-04-23 08:38:40 ET

Ever have that situation where ya really like someone - then you wonder why you even liked them in the first place. LOL.

Fuck people. (Except you guys, I love all of you.)

2010-04-19 03:31:44 ET

What an interesting dilemma...

Last evening I was trying to figure out why I don't have too much issue with having sex with someone I like but I'm unwilling to have sex for money. What's really the difference? And then it got me thinking that how sad it is even for someone like me who doesn't buy the religious thing to be so hypocritical about that situation.

2010-04-18 15:50:12 ET

So, last night was awesome. Played Moto GP with the new crew I've been hanging out with until late. We found a new industrial park and realized if we used their cones we could follow them and play moto GP. I'll definitely get pictures next time we do that shit.
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2010-04-15 23:22:59 ET

In the car world we often say that just because someone can afford a supercar doesn't mean they can drive it. The same applies to penises - just because its large doesn't mean he knows how to use it. Unfortunately.

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