2010-01-02 01:41:04 ET

My sleep schedule is all kinds of fucked up.

That is all.

2009-12-25 20:57:53 ET

So, I've decided that if my car sells in a few hours I'm going to get a boob job and possibly chin lipo. These things would make me feel better about myself than a new motorcycle, I'll still pick up the bike, just not until my loan check hits. Scott has pointed out that as fucked up as it is, it may be easier for me to find a job with a better jaw line and epic boobs - as epic boobs will distract from my less epic waistline.

2009-12-21 19:18:03 ET

New game plan!

I'm gonna go to a thrift store.
Then sit downtown with a guitar and flowers in my hair and sing and play Vietnam era anti-war songs.

I think it'll be a hit.
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2009-12-17 20:04:55 ET

So yeah. I cannot get hired by the Census Bureau thanks to an arrest at 15. I was never convicted but the presence of an arrest is keeping me from getting hired.

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