2009-10-14 10:52:20 ET

CRX runs again. I'm about to take it out of the interstate before I put it up on Craigslist to trade it off.

2009-10-11 09:58:51 ET

Scott & I picked up our new kitty friend today. I've named her Enyo because she's spent the afternoon hissing up a storm and being "war-like" to the two cats we already had. They've been very tolerant of her behavior, somewhat surprisingly.

She's so freaking cute and tiny. Pic as soon as I borrow someone's camera, or stop being jew and replace mine.

2009-10-10 17:03:02 ET

Oh yeah. Today is my 21st birthday. Happy Birthday to me.

Is it a little strange I'm more psyched about getting my weapons permit and not having to have an under 21 tag on a motorcycle rather than legally buying alcohol.

2009-10-10 15:26:40 ET

Scott & I have to decided to get a crazy cat lady booster pack (another cat). :)

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